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December 28, !0:30 Service at UUCY
This service will combine "The Seven Daily Habits to Nourish and Nurture Your Soul" and the poetry of Mary E. Horne, “Walking My Path.”

  Mary Horne was a neighbor and family friend in the early 1970s. She always walked her own path. She learned to fly a plane before she was old enough to get a driver’s license. She graduated from York Suburban High School and then Vassar College, where she majored in Geology. She was a unique woman who had a rare gift to live life to the fullest with an appreciation of the beauty of her surroundings and nature.

Come and share this gift of Mary’s poetry with a prescription for maximizing the joy of this life.

NOTE: all regular MEETUPS are held in the Carriage House unless otherwise noted. Carriage House is located behind the main sanctuary. Enter the lower parking lot off of Duke Street.


Discussion and exploration of personal spiritual journeys.Guest, Jennifer DeSau Barber. “Let Us Join to Recognize and Celebrate Two Freedoms – America’s Independence and the Spiritual Independence of Our Souls”

14 Sunday Service
Spiritual and/or Religious" – Are these labels mutually inclusive or exclusive. We attend the Unitarian Universalists’ services to fill our spirits and to also broadened our minds. This is a part of our spiritual/religious journey. Let’s think about our journeys and our continual growth.”


4 Meetup
Discussion of our spiritual souls
and how to reach inside our bodies and feel our souls.

20 Special
Summer Solstice Meetup at the Labyrinth
of the Unitarian Universalist Church of York

Mothers Day Service - TOPIC: Ruth and Esther, the Legacy of Two Mothers

"Is This the Dawning of the Age of Soulness"

Daishin Eric McCabe, a Soto Zen Buddhist, on the subject of Buddhism taught a class in meditation.


Discussion of the movement of individuals away from organized religions, seeking other spiritual venues. A look at the formal structure of atheism.

How do you view creation and your responsibility in its care?

What is your view of what scientists tell us about climate change?

Given as part of the York Interfaith Symposium speakers series:

“Guilt is the Gift That Keeps on Giving” given at Unitarian Church of York

“Hey, How You Doin’?” given at the Unitarian Church of York

“A Third Path” given at OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at Penn State- York ..

“An Interfaith Thanksgiving” given at the Unitarian Church of York and Gettysburg

“Spiritual but Not Religious, What Does This Mean to You?” given at the New Visions Book Store



"This spiritual, thought provoking story starts with the sudden death of John's wife and ultimately leads to a chance meeting on a beach, the discovery of his own inward devine spark and eventual reconnection with Helen, his wife."


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